Lift and Locate

  • Lift and Locate Module
  • Lift and Locate Module

Benefits of 2200 Precision Move Pallet System Lift and Locate Module


  • Lifts from center of conveyor
  • Provides 200 lbs of lift capability at 90 psi
  • Accuracy of ±0.002″
  • Lift height is adjustable. Maximum height is 2″ from top of belt to bottom of pallet.
  • Includes cushioned lift stroke
  • Includes lift, pallet stop, mounting hardware and fittings for 1/4″ push in air line
  • Optional guarding package
  • Includes 4 mm sensor track on lift cylinder for C-Track proximity sensors
  • Optional sensor mount for pallet. Sensor mounts are for standard 12 mm diameter proximity switch.
  • Includes pallet stop, with or without cushions

Manuals & Literature

Engineering ManualsPagesFile Size
2200 Precision Move Pallet Systems Engineering Manual448.37 MB


LiteraturePagesFile Size
2200 Precision Move Pallet Systems Brochure64.43 MB